Who we are

A history of excellence
OSG was established in 1979 and has since gained the proficiency and practical skill that has given us international recognition. Our many capabilities enable us to supply more than 50 prominent customers across the world with our range of glass applications. With extensive production facilities in Israel and the United States, we are perfectly positioned to serve clients on a global scale.
OSG is a privately owned company operated by Kibbutz Palmach Zova, located approximately 10 km west of Jerusalem, Israel.

Managing the OSG community
As our company progressed, we developed a unique corporate culture that combines service excellence and an aspirational approach for success. Mutual respect, fairness and personal concern for every employee form the foundation of our organization’s corporate character and in essence we are not only a business, we are a community.

Living and working as a community brings many advantages and responsibilities and we strive to reduce our carbon footprint in every possible way, whether at work or at home. Everyone at OSG plays an integral part in our company’s achievements and as such we have a high regard for our community’s needs doing our utmost to involve sustainable and responsible practices wherever we can.

 A successful team
We consider our employees our most valuable asset and owe our success to their professional work ethic and expertise within their fields.
We go to great lengths to train our employees and enable them to provide a superior and specialized service, giving them freedom of action that leads to increased responsibility, innovation and progress for the company.