Automotive glass for cars, trucks, buses, and coaches

OSG manufactures a variety of windshields, sidelights, backlights and replacement windows for most types and models of vehicles. We serve several leading OEM companies and automotive replacement glass (ARG) suppliers around the world in addition to being a trusted aftermarket auto glass manufacturer.

So many options

OSG’s auto glass manufacturing abilities are unlimited, and our products include laminated, tempered, curved or flat glass ─ with or without silk print ─ as well as accessories such as mouldings, mirror boxes, sensor brackets, sensors and heating. We also produce insulated glass units (IGU) and transparent armor for any type of vehicle, military or civilian.

 Clear standards

With a wide communication base that enables us to maintain an ongoing connection with our product supply chain and our international clients, OSG’s capacity to support its customers start from design, through to export. All our products are tested in-house, are internationally accredited and meet the ECE, R43, ANSI_DOT and other major standards.

OSG’s latest developments in automotive glass include:


  • ScreeneX - Smart window with integrated LCD windscreens

  • Silk-Light: Integrated light-driven display system
  • Infrared radiation-protective technology
  • Anti-reflective glass
  • Anti-vandalism glass against various threats
  • Light-weight compositions, for weight reduction 
  • Heavy impact solutions