Beyond design ─ architectural intelligence

This is where creativity, functionality and beauty meet. Our architectural solutions are made to the highest standards, while catering to aesthetic needs. We also guide our customers in acoustics, entry-resistant, reflective or non-reflective, heat-resistant and fireproof glass. You can choose from flat or curved laminated glass, tempered glass, and double glazing.

We make balustrades, banisters, and safety railings, taking your décor into consideration. Additionally, our digitally or screen-printed décor glass is available in a variety of colors, patterns images and decorative glass elements.

From sky-high elevators to fabulous floors

OSG can do more with glass in every aspect. Whether it involves integrating LCD screens in windows and glass panes, being creative with LED lights or making low-emissivity (low-E) glass to block out ultraviolet and infrared rays, we do it all.

Our glass products are functionally and decoratively applied in elevators, public transit stations, curtain walls, steps and floors, skylights, boardrooms, as well as private homes and we make quality glassware for any occasion.

Our high-quality glazing solutions are:

• Developed according to each client's specific requirements and creative vision
• Flexible and diverse, constantly evolving to fulfill the unique demands of every project
• Tested and approved to comply with the American standard ANSI Z 97.1, the British standard BS 6206, SII 938.3 and other safety standards
• Combined with advanced ballistic-resistant frames