Construction & Agriculture

Glass solutions for construction and agriculture


With our many years of working with major OEM manufacturers in the construction and agriculture sectors, we have developed specialized solutions for heavy duty construction and agriculture machinery that meet all the demands of the sector.


Protection against the elements

 Creating a safer workplace is an important factor and there are many health hazards which are easily prevented with OSG’s safety and solar glass solutions.


Our unique solutions to difficult and dangerous working conditions address threats such as heavy impacts and UV radiation, hearing damage from harsh noise as well as protection form extreme heat levels.


OSG provides a wide range of glass products for the OEM and ARG markets. Our product lines in flat, curved, laminated, insulated and tempered glass include the following compositions:

  • Privacy and low-emissivity color printed glass
  • Acoustic compositions and heated glass
  • Insulated glass and infrared radiation blocking solutions
  • Bullet-proof glass and blast-resistant glass
  • Anti-riot / anti-vandal glass
  • Heavy impact glass/ impact protection glass
  • ScreeneX - Smart window with integrated LCD windscreens
  • Light-weight compositions and non-reflective solutions