Ballistic protection solutions

Bullet-resistant and blast-resistant glass for effective protection against kinetics blasts and fragments threats.

OSG produces armored glass solutions designed to meet the most rigorous ballistic threats. Meeting all the standards and protection requirements for military and civilian applications, our ballistic-resistant products are one of the leading weight-efficient on the market.

Increased flexibility ─ With over 35 years of experience in developing transparent ballistic armor, we utilize advanced materials, incorporating unique interlayers that deliver products with extended lifecycle and durability.

In-theater experience ─ Our products are constantly tested in real combat situations, saving lives all around the world.

Customized armor ─ We produce and install transparent ballistic armor for almost any threat at a quick turnaround time and at competitive prices. We can custom-build to all requirements.

All our armored glass products comply with major international standards, including:
• STANAG 4569/AEP-55, levels I to IV
• US Army and USMC ATPD-2352 Rev T. (current rev)
• CEN 1063 BR1 to BR7 (testing & classification against bullet attack)
• American NIJ 0108.01, levels I to IV
• American UL 752-1991
• German DIN 52290 attack, levels 1 to 5
• German VPAM, levels I to XIV
• US DoS levels for armored vehicles
• US DoD UFC 4-010-01(DoD standard for buildings)
• EN 1522
• EN1523