Defense and Security

With escalating security threats around the world and the need to be prepared for any volatile situation, OSG developed a wide range of armored glass products. These are specifically designed to address the defense and security needs of the military, para-military, high-risk civilian, construction and automotive sectors.

When it comes to saving lives, our bullet-resistant, blast-resistant and entry-resistant armored glass solutions comply with the highest industry standards.

Applications include armored vehicles, buildings (such as governmental offices and embassies) as well as naval applications and we customize according to individual client needs.

Since ever-changing threats such as Kinetic threats, improvised explosive device (IED) attacks have increased worldwide, our bullet resistant  glass products are becoming even more important. Glass shrapnel is one of the main safety concerns during an explosion. And with advances in technology, our highly armored ballistic glass performs time after time.


Proven standards

All our products meet ATPD-2352 (current rev.) as well as STANAG 4569 standards (levels 1 to 4), plus equivalent US National Institute of Justice (NIJ), European, German, Spanish, DoD UFC performance criteria, and other standards for all threat levels.

Our state-of-the art research and development facilities include ballistic laboratories for the full range of small arms kinetic and FSP fire testing. We conduct blast, fragmentation and environmental tests in-house, in accordance with all the above mention specifications


For more details about our transparent armor innovations, see OSG’s capabilities for the Defense & Security sector.