Efficient engineering

Engineering and design go hand-in-hand at OSG, with a skilled team that handles all processes and products, from the development stage through to production, managing all the required engineering adjustments to enable high volumes of manufacturing.

The integration of the latest technological equipment in the work process happens alongside the continual exploration and incorporation of innovative developments ─ enabling us to produce some of the most advanced products in the world and keep abreast of changing market requirements.

In addition, the engineers provide clients with direct feedback and ongoing technical support, from the initial design phase throughout the manufacturing process, and until after the final installation. 

Our engineers also take charge of: 

  • Reverse engineering windows ─ these can be done for all types of vehicles        
  • Glass framing – this includes designing the frame and assembling  the glass and frame
  • Glass heating – they configure the heating system for deicing and defogging, according to the customers’ requirements.