There’s no limit to what OSG can do with glass, and our expertise in creating safety solutions is put to use in many other directions.
With products specifically designed for use in marine applications or for personal protection, we’re serious about making safe and failsafe devices.

Armored glass and frame systems for the marine and shipping industry truly showcase excellent advancements in glass technology, as it must be capable of coping with all the elements at sea, including heavy weather conditions. OSG designs and manufactures weather-resistant, enduring and flexible transparent protection solutions for all types of watercraft, providing curved and flat glass for military ships, commercial liners, as well as for civilian boats and yachts.

OSG’s marine glass features:
• Impact-resistant
• Can withstand harsh environmental conditions, such as salt, thermal shocks, atmosphere changes, and corrosion
• Provides acoustic insulation
• Keeps UV radiation under control
• Has rapid de-icing and demisting systems to counter weather conditions, such as fog and frost which can affect visibility
• Decreases electro-magnetic emissions (EMI) / radio frequency interference (RFI)

Our frames are made with marine grade aluminum, anodized according to specific requirements.
Steel frames are sealed with adhesives and sealants particular to marine applications and all frames receive corrosion treatment.