From creating quality standard periscopes to producing a product that meets the most stringent military requirements, OSG produces a range of periscopes that can cope with the high demands of effective laser protection.

Our protective coatings provide UV-resistance, heat-resistance, infrared protection as well as an improved field of vision.

Periscopes are made according to the following specifications:

For optical

• Angular deviation: within ±1º
Resolution: < 1´
• Astigmatism: max 0.25 diop.
Transmission: 50 % minimum (without filter laser)

For compliance with environmental requirements

• High temp: 71oC
• Low temp: -30 oC
• Humidity: 95%-23% (38oC-71oC)
• Salt-fog testing
• Vibration (X, Y, Z Axes)
• Shock (up to 75G)
• Rain
• Chemical-resistance (Oils, Vaseline, brake fluid, greases, diesel and fuel)