At OSG, research and development is a principal driver, as we continuously investigate and test new advanced solutions, incorporating new techniques and applying advanced technologies to our advantage as well as to our customer's benefit.

We realize that the incredible speed at which our industry is progressing necessitates a commitment to sustaining and implementing the most sophisticated and advanced methods and equipment.

We have pioneered many of our industry’s most groundbreaking innovations, particularly in the defense and armor divisions. Our work in collaboration with leading academic institutes has expanded our knowledge base and has led to significant advances in technology. 


R & D department

Our independent R&D department serves the company in three key aspects:

  • research and development of products in our various departments
  • analyzing products in the materials lab

  • development of future products


R & D resources

OSG incorporates the following resources at our specialized facility: 


     Human resources at our R & D department consist of:

  • Material engineers
  • Mechanical engineers

  • Physicists

    Material Lab

    This facility accommodates the following tests:

  • Material strength

  • Environmental tests such as temperature and humidity tests

  • Optical tests

     Ballistic lab

     Our ballistic lab has the capacity to facilitate a variety of tests and simulations that include heat

     transference, strength of structures as well as firing and blast simulations.

  • Environmental tests involving temperature and humidity can be conducted
  • Photo-shoots can be conducted for a variety of tests.