Solar glass ─ powering up with the sun

There are countless benefits of using solar power, both for the environment and in business. OSG offers experience and expertise in a selection of versatile glass-based solar solutions that are easy to implement into a diverse range of solar power systems.

We specialize in double-axis curved glass mirrors, which maximize solar concentration and energy collection. These curved mirrors provide higher sunlight-to-electricity conversion than alternative technologies.

Solar energy harvesting systems

OSG focuses on two main sectors of solar power glass systems: CSP (concentrated solar power) and CPV (concentrated photovoltaic).

CSP (concentrated solar power)

This solution incorporates a number of glass mirrors installed in locations where large quantities are required. CSP curved mirrors enable the concentration of the sun’s radiation to a central location, where it is then used to operate an electricity-producing engine.

CPV (concentrated photovoltaics ─PV)

This system suits numerous applications with glass fixtures that produce electricity directly without the need for a large area of photovoltaic cells. Highly flexible and efficient, it can be installed in many different locations. It involves smaller-scale systems based on single and double-axis curved glass mirrors.

OSG gives you the edge

With over 30 years of expertise in engineering glass, specializing in parabolic glass sections and spherical glass curving, we are positioned as a partner of choice for solar glass requirements.

Our guarantees:

• End-to-end solutions, including integration with system structures
• Technology that enables prototype production, saving duplication cost
• Flexibility and quick response to clients’ needs

Working alongside clients, from initial stages of product development through the final stages of mass production, our solutions are comprehensive and customized to suit their individual needs.