Trains & Trams

Railway glass systems for your rolling stock

Our specialized glass solutions for the railway industry extend to high-speed trains, light rail, locomotives, trams, regional trains and underground rolling stock. From glass and frames to supporting systems, our products are researched and manufactured according to every customer’s unique requirements and our partnerships with industry leaders aid us in developing and marketing new and advanced solutions.

Proven ability
Supporting the full range of existing train windscreens, side and passenger windows, composite windows and facades as well as employing Corning® Gorilla® Glass for trains, OSG provides a comprehensive service that includes engineering, testing, and training with support in all divisions of rail window design.

Added value
You will save on cost and downtime by investing in appropriate protection solutions for your rolling stock ─ OSG provides specialist expertise to help protect your rail products against vandalism, accidents, as well as wear and tear.

Standard compliance
All our products comply with the latest industry standards, including: R43, ANZI Z26.1, BSI, BN 918511, UIC, DB, EN 15152, BS, FRA type I and FRA type II, NF F, ISI and the USA TIER 2 for windshields.

Frontside technology

With our innovative and flexible approach, we create railway windshields and side windows for cabins according to our customers’ exact needs and specifications. By working closely with our customers and with our ability to manufacture custom-made products, we determine the best solution for any set of performance criteria.

Windscreen features:
•    Heated windscreens
•    Anti-spall technology
•    Double glazing
•    Laminated compositions
•    Curved and spherical
•    Polycarbonate compositions

Clear perfection

OSG creates any type of window for railway applications. This includes replacement passenger windows for trains and trams as well as aesthetic glass solutions for stylish interiors and exteriors.

Our team of engineering experts starts every assignment by collaborating with our customers in finding the best solution for their specific needs. This involves pre-tender consultations from frame design to final installation. This is done to ensure that the product we manufacture fits seamlessly into the construction of the rail vehicle.

Cabin window features:
•    Curved or flat glazing
•    Double glazing, tempered or not
•    Laminated compositions
•    Single glazing, tempered
•    Lightweight compositions
•    Full color images printed on glass
•    Luggage racks and doors