OSG in motion: Safety glass solutions for the transportation industry

OSG can create any type of glass for anything that moves on wheels, rails, water and air. As a specialist safety glass manufacturer for the automotive industry, our complete service offering includes making all the required glass, frame and complementary structures for trains, trams, buses and coaches, cars, watercraft, as well as construction and agricultural machinery.

We do it all

OSG offers short and long run production series and customized products at competitive prices and a quick turnaround time. We handle all the design and engineering processes, including the cutting, bending and gluing, as well as applying ceramic coloring to the glass.

Unique safety value

OSG develops unique compositions and moldings for specialized vehicles to reduce weight, survive heavy impacts and increase safety all around. Producing anti-reflective glass, IR-proof glass as well as integrated LCD window systems, OSG is at the forefront of transportation glass technology.


We have worked with manufacturers such as Siemens, Bombardier, Alstom, Talgo and CAF in numerous projects, including AMTRACK’s new generation of high-speed locomotives, Houston and Portland LRV and the Illinois high-speed train. We’ll keep bringing new developments to the transportation glass industry: ground, naval and aircraft ─ innovation is in our blood.

For more details about our automotive glass innovations, see OSG’s capabilities for the Transportation industry.